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Just a quick one for my 160th post. We are all familiar with Gideon Osborne telling us that you can’t “throw money” at a problem, yet certain current events seem to prove this to be a fallacy.

Lets just take a look at the money spent on elite sport over, say the last four Olympiads by Great Britain, and the corresponding results:

  • Sydney 2000     £58.9 million – 28 medals
  • Athens 2004     £70.0 million – 30 medals
  • Bejing  2008     £235 million  – 47 medals


  • London 2012   £313.4 million – 40 medals so far…

So, maybe investing money does gain results after all…


So today Britain is officially back in recession. This is no time for shallow politicking, people have no confidence that things will get better any time soon, and millions of us are frantically chasing work. Somehow we manage to have the Olympics, a housing crisis, a major infrastructure deficit and STILL the construction sector leads the way for economic downturn.

It is time for Gideon and Dave to admit what many of us have known for some time, that Plan A is not working, that the cuts have been too far and too fast, whilst tax reductions for the super rich were simply not appropriate at this time. This Coalition is making the ordinary people of the UK pay for an economic crisis caused by unregulated finance and thirty three years of monetarist dogma. The very rich men who agreed to come together in May 2010 to restore the nation’s finances have now proved not to be the economic geniuses that they claimed to be. They pretty much look like a bunch of shysters on the make.

In Scotland, News Internationals First Minister plays fast and loose with the essential economic truth, namely that Scotland’s economy is too tied to that of Wales and England to have any chance of independent recovery. His fictional “Arc of prosperity” disappeared when Iceland and Ireland went bust, yet he is content to take the odd pot shot at the rest of us, whilst the public works north of the border are still largely funded from Whitehall. For all his bumptiousness, at least it gives us a ready made argument against the Growth Deniers – publicly funded projects can save jobs and keep mopey flowing into an economy, austerity has now been proved to do the opposite.

By contrast Ed M and Ed B (or Wallace and Gromit) are looking more credible each day. At PMQs today Ed pretty much wiped the floor with Cameron, and Balls has been slowly destroying Whyborns economic credibility for months now. It seems that Gordon Brown was right back in 2010 – it really wasn’t time for a bunch of novices.



This weeks’ Budget, courtesy of the 14th Earl of Whyborne, has been lauded to the skies by the hard of understanding…

…Or as I like to think of them, Monetarists. The lack of imagination, and of any long-term goals other than dismantling the NHS, do not give me any confidence in Gideons’ old Maths Tutor. Then again, what should we expect from a man who dodges £1.6 million in tax whilst telling the rest of us to “pull together”?

Lets just examine a few measures here, for the sake of general interest…

  1. “The Sun Says Yippee! – 1p off fuel duty!” Yes, and there will be a rise of 5p in 2012.
  2. Tobacco duty up by 2% above inflation. Giving a welcome shot in the arm to the smuggling industry.
  3. An increase in Premiums Tax means that the cost of insurance rises – just as the Government wants us to take out private health insurance.
  4. A three year freeze in Child Benefit – so thats a decrease in light of inflation.
  5. The tax on Beer now exceeds £1.00 per pint. Britain’s vibrant Pub and Brewing industries salute you – not.
  6. National Insurance up 1% for us, but not for Employers.
  7. Personal Tax allowance up by £50 per month in April 2012. With the rises in the cost of living over the last twelve months, let alone the next year, this will at best give you £5 extra a month in your pocket.
  8. Council Tax frozen or reduced in EVERY English Council – regardless of the real needs of those communities.
  9. A return of the Enterprise Zone. Thatchers great sticking-plaster of the 1980s, that made little long-term difference to the areas blighted by her recession of the early 1980s. Anyone off to see Liverpool Garden Festival?

For this budget to work, the UK economy has to grow by around three percent each year until at least 2015. This is quite a lot, if we look at our history over he last forty years. It could happen, as the worldwide economy is tenuously starting to revive. Yet massive public spending cuts and redundancies will cost the exchequer dear, and reduce income from taxation – it could lead us into another recession, rather than digging us out of one.

And there is another point. Gideon and his gofer Danny Alexander have done precious little to curb the outrageous levels of  speculation in The City, nor have they come up with the kind of regulation needed to prevent, or at least limit the kind of crash we saw in 2008.

Long term, our economy is seriously unbalanced – with finance far too prevalent, and industry seen as a poor relation. Yet if we look at Germany, a country that actually still makes things and sells them, their recession is ending rather quicker than ours. This Budget does nothing to address this imbalance, nor do the Coalition partners seek to do so. Unsurprising really, when you think of all the ex-City men in the Cabinet…


So thats why I urge you all to march on Saturday for an alternative to this ill-considered schoolboy essay masquerading as a Budget.

Thanks a bunch, Nick and Dave…

So,they don’t hang around, do they?

Fourth of Jan, and up goes VAT – a tax that egregiously hits the less well off most, whilst down here in the Capital we are supposed to be cheering as the Congestion Charge goes up for Bethnal green, but is axed completely from Kensington and Chelsea. Oh and Gideon, 14th Earl of Whyborn apparently dodged up to ONE POINT SIX MILLION POUNDS of tax.

This Government don’t just take with one hand, they stick two fingers up at us with the other!!!!

(The above is available for use by any Leader of HM Opposition, if they need a line…)


Apologies for the shouty bit, but I ask you…

Wonder what fragile Little Nicky makes of that eh? And that bloke off the Werthers Commercials, and the spotty teenager who carries  Gideons bags and opens doors…

Back in the Sixties, with much higher rates of tax, the sainted Terry-Thomas patriotically said the following:

” I’m not dodging tax like all these blighters running off to Guatemala and other ridiculous places, I don’t think their attitude is quite right.”

But then he only played a bounder, didn’t he? What an absolute shower! A bunch of utter stinkers!

Get involved in the campaign to pressure the Artful Dodger at:  http://www.38Degrees.org.uk/

If we all spat at once, we’d drown them…

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