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What can you expect from a one year old?

PMQs this afternoon – marking the first Birthday of our Coalition, and its “new Politics” (deceased 5th May).

Mr David Cameron (Con) spent much of his time avoiding the truth whilst making merry at the expense of Labours Scottish woes.

This is of prime importance to the nature of how we are governed in the future – ignoring the total collapse of the Conservative vote, and the losses suffered by his junior partners in Scotland, it seems that as far as he is concerned, the Union between England and Scotland is of minimal importance at best, unless he can use it to embarrass Labour.

Is it not time for The Conservative and Unionist Party to change its name to something snappier? How about UK-RIP???

Cheap Shots…

Ok, so the last post was a cheap shot, but there is a serious point here. The Devolution of government to Scotland and Wales has, by and large, been a success. Scotland’s electoral system, the Alternative Member System, also works. One of the biggest failures of New Labour in power was neglecting the logical conclusion – that England’s regions should also have similar powers, and that the power of Westminster should be scaled down. 

The latest election campaign has highlighted a number of problems for Scottish Labour – it seems fixated on Westminster, and its highest profile figures are unwilling to work through the Assembly. The SNP, although not particularly attractive to many, at least have a great figurehead in Alex Salmond, and have been able to play to this strength. The machine nature of Scottish Labour, and its often public feuds over the years have meant that no leader has emerged to rival the late lamented Donald Dewar.

Should Labour continue in this vein, then we face a major problem when it comes to the next general election. That is supposing that Scotland is still part of the UK.

Yet the SNP have their own worries here. Should a Referendum be held, it is by no means certain that the result will go in favour of Independence. And do they really want to win it? Economically, it would be a huge problem for them, especially since Alex Salmond’s only alternative economic policy  crashed and burned with Iceland… 

North of the Border, Edinburgh way…

… or Dundee, Glasgow, Port Ellen…

Unlike the local elections down here in England, the results of Scotland’s poll could have a long term effect on how these islands are governed.

If, as current polls suggest, the SNP win an outright majority, then once again we have the prospect of an Independence Referendum.

Dear Nats, just one thing, last time I noticed, there was a bigger majority for English Independence from Scotland than vice-versa. How come you don’t hold the referendum down here? Scared you’d win? 

What Happened???

Seeing the debacle in the Scottish High Courts yesterday has made me think; how did the proud tradition of the Scottish Left, with such heroes as John Maclean, Manny Shinwell, Willie Gallagher, Bob Stewart, Jimmy Airlie, Jimmy Reed, Mick McGahey etc. End up like this???

I mean really, George Galloway and Tommy Sheridan? WTF??!!??

Should we blame Big Brother? The SWP? Respect? The Socialist Party of Scotland? MI5?The Proclaimers?

Or are they both just vainglorious gobshites???

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