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Egypt – Don’t Surrender the Square!

As I write, men and women thousands of miles away face a terrible choice between liberty and personal safety. I sit here, safe in a Democracy where I can think whatever I want, and express those thoughts relatively freely.

In contrast to the relatively childish issues in my last post, I hope that anyone here in London will understand the seriousness for all concerned. So in a spirit of solidarity, and with humility at the bravery being shown in Cairo and Alexandria, and also across the Middle East, I have to say do not give up. Do not relinquish the Square or the streets, and stand together.

Mubarraks’ goons have been seen entering the square, and have been starting fights against anti-Tyranny protesters. The Army let them in, and seem to be holding the ring, rather than opting for one side or the other. These soldiers are waiting inside their American tanks, unsure of what to do.

Those of us who hoped for a revolution along the lines of East Germany and Czechoslovakia in 1989 can see that the issue hangs in the balance – we could see another Romania, or worse, Tiananmen.

The Tyrant Mubarrak last night took the step of promising to relinquish power in September, and to bar his son from standing in his stead, if only everyone would get off the streets. Today we see the other side of his strategy – divide the opposition, and provoke a wave of violence, allowing him to claim to be a force for order, rather than the vile oppressor he truly is. Around the world we can see his plans for what they are, no doubt so can his people. The Army, which has little or no training in crowd control, was welcomed with open arms when they replaced the vicious riot police. Those who remember Northern Ireland in 1968 will remember the British army in a similar position.

To the ordinary soldiers in Cairo and Alexandria today I say do not waver, do not turn your guns on your people – keep them on safety, and earn the eternal gratitude of your mothers and fathers, sons and daughters.

Mr Cameron looked very fine today on Downing Street with The U.N. Secretary General, talking about “clearing a path” and other guff, but we know that the only two powers that could matter here would be the USA, who bankroll Egypts Armed Forces, and Israel, who must stay silent.

President Obama has to clearly side with the forces of Liberty, or else the whole west stands to lose the goodwill of the Egyptian people, and very probably the whole of Arabia. We in Britain are little more than sideshow players here, and have been (rightly so) since Suez.

So I call on the decent people of Egypt – do not fall for Hosnis tricks, stay united until he goes – sooner than later. Stand firm, or the criminal forces of the NDP will sense a weakness, and go for the kill. Take heart that all over the world – in New York, in Edinburgh, Berlin, Tokyo, Johannesburg, Mexico City, millions are with you.


Egypt – A Festival Of The Oppressed

The events unfolding across the whole of the Middle East should give heart to anyone who believes in Democracy and Liberty across the world.

In Cairo, in Lebanon, in in Tunisia,In Jordan, in Yemen, in Iran, the pressure has been building over the past few years, and has erupted into the streets, with demands from ordinary people for reforms and the downfall of the ruling cliques of kleptocrats and dictators.

Who on earth will shed a tear for Hosni Mubarrak? Other than the State Department, I cannot find anyone comes to mind…

Yet his party, the National Democratic Party, remains a member of The Socialist international – why??? In the name of all we hold dear, this bunch of crooks are in no way Democratic, neither are they Socialist. Expulsion is the only correct policy in this case.

They are however nominally secular, although the state they own still persecutes religious and atheist minorities with enthusiasm.

There are worries that their downfall will see the implementation of an Islamic State – one which would take a much harsher line on Israel, and lead to Islamic reaction gaining another base, along with Iran. This is a definite possibility, as the persecution of The Muslim Brotherhood and its ilk has given them much support amongst the poor. The Brotherhood have so far been pretty absent from the streets, as have the fractured opposition parties. This looks like a genuine people power movement.

However, given the fact that the people facing rubber bullets and tear gas in Cairo today want Mubbarak out, and price reform, along with freedom of expression and democratic reforms, I doubt that the radical Islamists can hold this movement in their hands.

This uprising is inspired by events in Tunisia, in Jordan, in Lebanon, and also by events a few years back in Iran. No leader in the Middle East is safe, the decades of tyranny that followed colonial rule may very well be coming to an end – if this is so, then it is our duty to support the people against the state, against dictators, against torture and oppression.

Once again, I state that this fight is our fight. We must stand on the side of the people facing corrupt police brutality.

Solidarity is a concept that is at the very heart of our movement, our history, our ideas. Now is the time to show it.

Contact The Foreign and Commonwealth Office at http://fco.gov.uk/      fill out the feedback form in the contact pages, showing your support for those fighting for their rights across the Arab World

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