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It happens to all of us at sometime I suppose. We let down our guard and trust the wrong person with access to personal information, then it all goes batshit crazy. 

We are so used to technology that we can be a bit slapdash with security sometimes. Recently, this has happened with this blog, and someone has used my ID to post crap about the middle east, specifically Israel and Gaza on another site.

Lesson learned, passwords changed etc etc. Apology posted to the comment feed of the site, and a huge inward cringe. Whilst in general, I do not agree with the ideas on that site, the comments left in my name were simply trolling at its worst. It was made worse by knowing that I had been face to face with one of the bloggers last week. Now all I want to do is get on with forgetting the whole sorry episode.

I am not going to reveal the site that this twat posted on, because I do not want to have to see those egregious comments again, still less have to justify them.


What is the point of Danny Alexander?

Aside from looking about 18 years old, I really cannot see what this man does that couldn’t be done cheaper and more effectively by a professional P.A.

At least Gideon Osborne would get his work done on time, and maybe even get his sums right. Maybe then he would look less like the pale inbred aristocratic throwback he is.

Apparently he is a member of the Liberal Democrats, could have fooled me. Nasty little man.

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