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What can you expect from a one year old?

PMQs this afternoon – marking the first Birthday of our Coalition, and its “new Politics” (deceased 5th May).

Mr David Cameron (Con) spent much of his time avoiding the truth whilst making merry at the expense of Labours Scottish woes.

This is of prime importance to the nature of how we are governed in the future – ignoring the total collapse of the Conservative vote, and the losses suffered by his junior partners in Scotland, it seems that as far as he is concerned, the Union between England and Scotland is of minimal importance at best, unless he can use it to embarrass Labour.

Is it not time for The Conservative and Unionist Party to change its name to something snappier? How about UK-RIP???

A good afternoon…

Am currently watching Pimpernel Smith and eating homemade vegetable soup.There is simply no better way to spend a hungover afternoon than in the company of Leslie Howard…

“All of you who have demoralised a nation are doomed… Captain of murderers…”


England, creamy old England, may you survive forever.

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