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Once again Boris and his ardent admirers in blogland have been up to their latest trick, in between watching Midsomer Murders and Top Gear…

Tory Mayor Boris, who’s dedicated support for his old mucker Toby Young has helped lead to Iranian dissidents having to apply to the Iranian Embassy for help (rather as if we had directed Russian emigres to the Soviet Embassy), has been up to his old tricks again, first of all claiming an increase in Police numbers for 2012, and then shutting up anyone who reminds us of the reduction in Police taking place since the 2009.

His fansites (all, of course, totally independent) are pressing his case, as eagerly as a gold-digger spying a rich widow presses his suit.

Yet his own Budget for 2011/12 talks of reducing Policer Officers from 32,481 now to 31,800 in 2014. To most people this is a simple subtraction sum, producing a figure of 681 Policemen less. But then again, most of us never had the benefit of an Oxford Classics education.

Todays vote on London’s Budget will see 100 Sergeants removed from Safer Neighbourhood Teams.

No wonder AM John Briggs castigated bluffer Boris on his mendacity (look it up, I did).

Yet de Pfeffel Johnson has not been idle on our behalf. It has come to light that in the twelve months between October 2009 and October 2010, our Mayor held 3 Press Conferences, 8 public meetings with Londoners, 22 meetings with Police Chiefs, and 31 with Government Ministers.

He also spent 35 meetings with denizens of the Square Mile – thats near enough  three a month!!!

But it wasn’t all work no play, here are a few examples from his published diary –

13/10/09      Fortune Forum Dinner

21/10/09      Meeting with Govenor of The Bank of Qatar (will this chap be needing asylum soon?)

04/12/09     Goldman Sachs Breakfast

19/12/09      Banking Industry Lunch ( AKA happy Christmas – you’re fired, we’re not)

27/10/10     Dinner with Bob Diamond (anyone else present?)

REMINDER – the City of London already has its own Lord Mayor – Boris is supposed to work for the rest of us.

No doubt his groupies will whine on about Mr Livingstone and Press TV – they are still repeating their “totally independent” yet strangely uniform line on this one, whilst forgetting to mention the other ex-Press TV employees, such as Boris backer Nick Ferrari, and Telegraph journo Andrew Gilligan…

Strange and sad to relate that Londoners are used to this kind of guff by now, and utterly fed-up with it.

I do hope to see Anne, Angie and Tory Aardvark et al putting their hands in their pockets to help out the abandoned Iranian Dissidents and Afghani Refugees that Boris’ Tory chums in Hammersmith have thrown to the dogs. Big Society eh?

Some Boris Facts…

And one example of guilt by association…

In the spirit of some robust exchanges between myself and a certain Boris fan over at Labour-Uncut, I have decided to post some facts uncovered about our august Mayor of London…

  1. Full Name – Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson (definitely true)
  2. Employed the Australian Lynton Crosby, once described as “the Australian Carl Rove” as his campaign strategist in 2008. Crosby went on to direct the Europe-wide campaign in 2009 for the largely unsuccessful Libertas Party.
  3. “I believe Londoners should have a greater say on how their city is run, more information on how decisions are made, and details on how City Hall money is spent.” ( Boris 2008 Manfesto) – This from the man who appointed Brian Coleman to oversee the London Fire Service – the ONLY member of the London Assembly not to publish details of his expenses…
  4. Described his £250,000 per year salary from his Telegraph columns as “Chicken feed” on BBCs HARDtalk programme in July 2009 – this figure is roughly ten times the average salary in Britain as a whole.
  5. Appointed Ray Lewis as the Deputy Mayor for Young People, who had to go after it was discovered that he had lied about being a magistrate, and that the Church of England had barred him from the Ministry between 1999 and 2005. Seems odd Boris didn’t know this, unless the fact that Ray was black, and Boris needed multicultural cover, was more important than honesty…
  6. In the year 2009/10, TfL spent £933,000 on “mystery shoppers”, in a move criticised by the Taxpayers Alliance – a group not known for being noticeably anti-Tory… This story was reported in The Evening Standard.

And finally, an example of guilt by association – true but neither fair nor relevant to Boris personally…

At the 2008 London Mayoral election, the BNP urged its supporters to give their second preference to Boris Johnson.

Now, anyone can see that I have not directly called Boris a fascist, as he demonstrably is not, but he did receive BNP backing. Therefore, according to some Boris fans, I am “telling the truth”…

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