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So when is a reduction an increase Boris???

A startling example of new maths, or possibly Big Maths (to go with your Big Society) has appeared via City Hall, home of Boris Johnson, Mayor for (The City of) London.

According to the published Budget for this year, Police numbers have fallen, and continue to do so. Kit Malthouse claims this is all becsause of retirement and “people leaving” – raising the question as to why they are leaving, but no matter…

Boris and his chums, who froze recruitment to The Met, are now claiming that by reducing support officers, they will be increasing police numbers. Oh, sorry, Kit Malthouse has just been on The Politics Show, claiming that no support officers will be cut, if they are deemed vital. (Helpful hint – try to live in Bexley or Pimlico)

Assembly Members are somewhat puzzled – no consultation, and a pile of spin, but no official announcement, rather press releases that now contradict the published legal accounts.

So, business as usual for London under Boris. Smoke and mirrors once again…


Phone Hacking – The Scandal Spreads

Former Lib Dem MP Paul Marsden’s  questions as to whether his phone was tapped by the Trinity Mirror Group have led to the continuing Phone Hacking scandal being widened to potentially encompass the whole of Fleet Street – or at least the Tabloids, possibly a number of Broadsheets as well…

It also touches upon issues of Police corruption – were members of The Metropolitan Police Force (sorry, Service) on the payroll of one or more media groups? Where does this leave us as to the reliability of information received? Who are these officers, and will they be sacked and lose their pensions, as they rightly should? Why was Scotland Yard so tardy in bringing an investigation into this?

Scotland yard have reopened their investigations as of yesterday, citing “new evidence” that has come to light. This raises a few more points –

It is now impossible to claim that Clive Goodman and Glenn Mulcaire were working alone – the new investigation includes notes from Mulcaire marked “For Ian” (presumable Ian Edmondson – just sacked by The News of The World), “For Clive”, and “For Gregg”.

Ex-MP Paul Marsdens request broadens this out to The Daily and Sunday Mirror – quite a reasonable assumption, given the prevailing atmosphere in Fleet street. According to the Independent today “If you ask any tabloid journalist, they will quietly say “everybody is doing it”…”

The key personnel in the frame now would be Rebekah Brooks (formerly Wade), Ian Edmondson,  Coulson, David Yelland, and Piers Morgan:

All of these august media operators learned their trade at News International under the fabulous Sun editor and grumpy rightwing git Kelvin Mackenzie.

The Christmas dinner soiree where James Murdoch met Ham-Face Cameron was at Rebekah Brooks’ Oxfordshire home, with Coulson in attendance .

Rebekah Brooks refused to attend a Commons enquiry into the press, and some members of the Committee claimed that they declined to have the Sergeant-At-Arms order her to do so, for fear of News International digging into their private lives.

The whole set-up stinks to high heaven…

Coulson. HaHaHa.

The spectacularly talented Andy Coulson, possibly the most talented Press Officer ever, managed last Friday to fudge his own political suicide. What with Blair at  Chilcott and Alan Johnsons resignation, it was a good day to bury bad news.

Unless you are a scandal-plagued ex-Murdoch editor with a defence strategy best summed-up as “I didn’t do it, or if I did, I forgot. Anyway Rupert will forgive me.”

Coulson has so far evaded any legal brouhaha caused by the revelations of the use of illegal bugging devices by News International, especially the ahem, “Newspaper” he edited, The News of The World. So far, News International has “let go” a number of executives and employees in the wake of this scandal, including NOTW staff and a top legal incompetent, according to Private Eye.

There are several issues at stake here, and they have a much wider impact than The Dirty Diggers grubby empire…

Firstly, our libel laws actively help the media focus on celebrity gossip rather than real news – powerful figures and organisations now use the UK libel laws as a way of gagging the media across the world.

The Metropolitan Police seem to have developed an unhealthy, and almost symbiotic relationship  with the mainstream press in general, and News International in particular.

Ham-Face Cameron is truly “the heir to Blair” when it comes to his courting of News International, and is not a very good judge when it comes to selecting staff.

In relation to news gathering, celebrity and political gossip is king – once the tabloids have you in their sights, you have nowhere to hide.

Jeremy “Mr C’ Hunt has a close relationship with News International, and is seeking top further this relationship, at the expense of the BBC.

The awful world of Inspector Gadget…

Pop over to the site http://inspectorgadget.wordpress.com  and marvel at the parallel world some police officers inhabit. Apparently he is a high-ish ranking officer in Wiltshire, so enjoys beating up hippies as well as students.

Complains about not having Water cannon, baton rounds, and possibly tanks for all I know.

Am indebted to peterreynolds.wordpress.com for this info

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