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Today is polling day in local government across the UK.

Here in London, we elect our Mayor and the GLA, & across the country you get a say in how your local services are managed.

Please remember the awful example of Tory-run Suffolk, where the council is trying to destroy jobs, and make the council “virtual”. The former Chief Executive was payed more than the Prime Minister! In fact, you will find that amongst the unelected Chief Executives, those with huge pay-packets tend to be employed by Tory councils.

After a campaign best described as one huge dirty trick, Mr Johnson and Mr Livingstone will have to wait for the votes to be counted.

The choice is clear – vote Boris for ineffective, though amusing government. Cutting Police numbers, stockpiling Plastic Bullets, ignoring inner London, cutting transport projects. Rambling on in a funny way. Denying the importance of investigations into the corrupting influence of Murdoch. Denying growth. Pressing for tax cuts for his friends and masters. Earning £250,000 outside of his actual job – paid ultimately by tax exiles. His utter incompetence in dealing with the RMT – after all, we have had many more tube strikes under Johnson in 4 years than we had under Ken in 8.

Brian Paddick, Jenny Jones and Ms Benita cannot win, but they have all raised serious points along the way. Johnson will ignore everything they have said once in City Hall, and carry on with Coleman, Malthouse et al.

For Lib Dem, Green and independent voters, the second choice is clear – it must be Ken Livingstone.

– A vote for Ken Livingstone is a vote for fair fares on London Transport, investment in infrastructure, creating jobs. It is a vote for a City Hall that will strive to unite Londoners, not divide them. It is a vote for substance over style. Restoring the EMA Londonwide, a lifelong dedication to London, a proven track record spanning over thirty years.

Of course, the national issues matter – Economic mismanagement, making us pay for the Bankers’ mistakes, pasty taxes, the amazing inability to read a calendar. Cutting too far, too fast, leading us back into recession. Gutting the armed forces, trussing up the NHS to sell off to their mates. Student Fees.Oh, and should I mention Murdoch???

Today you get a voice. Today, just for once, shout “ENOUGH!!!” And vote Labour.




Our recent victory against the Wooden Lady in saving our forests saw one thing come to light –

Amongst the myriad of organisations that were willing to put pressure on La Spellman, not to mention Dame Judy Dench, one pressure group, supposedly dedicated to the preservation of rural life and long-cherished rights was absent. Step forward The Countryside Alliance.

Sara Lee, the Alliances head of policy, emailed campaigners to say that they weren’t “in a position to sign the letter opposing the sale” – placing them somewhere to the right of  The Lady magazine, not actually normally seen as an Anarchist publication.

In fact, the Alliance said “in principle there could be huge potential benefits of managing woodland privately.”

Just so long as “existing rights of access/recreation, including sporting  rights” are “balanced against “significant revenue potential through the sell-off”.

So now we know, the Alliance, that made so much of being about “simple country folk”, not just big landowners and obsessives on horseback, is just about big landowners and obsessives on horseback.

What of Kate “tally” Hoey? The august head of this body? Was this really her life’s ambition? How sad.

Tally Ho, and toodle-pip!!

An Open Letter To Honest Opponents.

In the past few months I have met many Conservative and Liberal Democrat supporters in the blogosphere, and in the main, I have found them to be courteous and respectful of other opinons. Obviously I avoid blowhards like the plague, and with Lady P at my side I know better than to simply be rude for the hell of it (however much fun it would be).

I have also noticed that supporters and members of both parties are disgruntled to say the least with certain aspects of the Coalitions policies. In politics, it never does to attribute uniform beliefs to your enemies. In this spirit I ask my Liberal Democrat colleagues in the Yes To Fairer Votes Campaign, and Conservatives of a truly One Nation frame of mind to read on and ponder…

Is it honestly true to your principles to restrict the British people’s access to their land? To sell off ancient forests held in common, for the benefit of all?

Is it wise to fillet our Defences, as this administration is doing?

Is it just to erode the living standards of agricultural workers by abolishing their independent wages council?

Is it wise to allow one multinational company unheard of control over the media?

What patriotic Government allows such levels of tax evasion by the wealthy and large British corporations?

Is it good Conservatism, or Liberalism to erode our access to, and connection with Parliament, by destroying long cherished geographical boundaries and regional loyalties?

Is it fair play to instigate campaigning by smear and inference, as in the London Mayoral campaign?

Do you really believe that the upheaval this Government is instigating is in the true benefit of the NHS?

Does it really make sense to further atomise our national Education system, potentially excluding the talented poor for a generation?

Is it not simply politically motivated spite to add further needless anti-Trades Union legislation to the toughest Trades Union laws in Europe? Is this not something Disraeli would have baulked at?

How wise and patriotic can it be to seriously harm Britain’s universally respected voice to the World – The BBC World Service? Is it responsible? Is it truly what you want?

Are you entirely comfortable with a Government that is enacting legislation that was in neither of your parties’ manifestos, nor written into The Coalition Agreement?

I realise that we will not agree on everything, that is the nature of politics. But I also see that many of you oppose some, if not all of the measures listed above. I hope that we can all work together to help ameliorate the flood of ill-written, ill thought out legislation we see coming out of westminster and Whitehall.

For our nations’ sake I know that we will be able to work together at times…


The online petition against the Coalition Governments plans to sell off our forests has already reached 250,000 signatures!

I urge all readers to follow this link and do their bit…


Coalition Seeks To Sell-Off Our Forests

In a move that Lib Dem Danny Alexander opposed in Scotland, he and his new best mates are seeking to sell-off our English Forests.

That is 50% of all the publicly accessible forests in England. They favour wholesale privatisation.

This would be the largest theft of public land since Enclosure. The Woodland Trust, National Trust, The Ramblers Association and a host of other public bodies oppose this transfer of land kept in trust for future generations into the hands of, in general, multi national logging companies.

Land that is legally accessible would quite probably be obstructed at best. At worst, we would be blocked from exercising our long fought for rights.

This Land Is Your Land, This Land Is our Land. It Is Not Caroline Spelmans Land.

Lobby your MP, Lobby the Environment Agency, this Law of Theft must be stopped.

It used to be that old fashioned Conservatives believed in the common heritage of all, especially in rural areas.

In case some of you out there have not twigged yet, Cameron and his gang hold Country dwellers, and those who enjoy our natural heritage in utter contempt. Having sold the family silver in the 1980s, they are selling the furniture now – at fire-sale prices, to big business.

Not an Acre! Not a tree!

Take up the spirit of Gerrard Winstanley – “No man hath any right to sell the earth for private gain.”

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