What would Clement do?

A Labour blog that witters on about Clement Attlee. Hurrah for The Major!

First Principles…

I rejoined the Labour Party on May 6th 2010, like about 10,000 others!

It had been 16 years since I left, and much has changed, but principles do not:

  1. In any situation, the most important question for a Social Democrat is “Who benefits?”
  2. Society is still dominated above all by Class. the classes themselves have changed, but not their underlying nature.
  3. Human Rights are UNIVERSAL – there can be no “relative” freedom for the Third world. Its in the UN Charter for goodness sake!
  4. Freedom of speech is vital. Libel laws are not.
  5. Democracy is the best system yet devised by the Human Race for self-governance.
  6. Unfettered Capitalism is harmful to all of the above, and creates powerful elites, which must be fought.
  7. For a Democratic Socialist, the ends DO NOT always justify the means. Acceptable outcomes come from acceptable methods.
  8. Debate and dialogue are much better than confrontation, provided that it is a genuine two-way street.
  9. Poverty really is the worst form of violence.
  10. I love my country, but despise no other.
  11. The vast majority of the people in the world have more in common with each other than with the rulers of their nations.
  12. Always speak after thinking first.
  13. Socialism is a way of reforming our present system, in order to put power into the hands of the many, not the few.
  14. Soviet Communism was the illegitimate child of Catherine the Great and Karl Marx.
  15. No one person has all the solutions.

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