What would Clement do?

A Labour blog that witters on about Clement Attlee. Hurrah for The Major!

About Clem…

Clem lives in Camberwell, South London:

“I am a Socialist who rejoined The Labour Party on May 6th 2010, after spending sixteen years out of it, messing around with very silly leftist grouplets and the odd protest. I am a keen supporter of voting reform, corporate accountability, the Welfare State and a host of other things.

I enjoy good food and drink, theatre, cinema, reading and comedy. I have a great interest in many other things, including history, politics, comics, music and poetry. Will Self and Nick Cohen are particular favourites, along with Nick Cave, Billy Bragg, George Orwell, Simon Hoggart and his Dad (look him up).

My all time hero is, funnily enough, a certain Major Clement Richard Attlee, the greatest leader that Labour has ever had, and one of this country’s finest Prime Ministers.

Never much of a fan of New Labour, but now wise enough to see that for Socialists and Social Democrats, it is the Labour Party or nothing at all.

I campaigned for a Yes vote in the AV Referendum, as a member of Take Back Parliament.

On one side of my family there have been Socialists and Communists for generations, the other side was solidly working class.

Clem’s real name is Ian, and in 2012 he will be marrying Lady P – who’s background is as Tory as his is Labour. regrettably, he is unable to convince Lady P that The Red Flag is an ideal wedding march.

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