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What on earth could you add to this terrible story?

Pride's Purge

(It’s not satire – it’s ATOS!)

Yet more proof of the unprofessionalism of the so-called medical experts at ATOS – the company paid huge amounts of taxpayers’ money by the government to carry out tests on behalf of the Department for Work and Pensions which are supposed to decide whether sick or disabled people are eligible to receive support.

A blind woman was found fit for work by an ATOS assessor after he wiggled his fingers in front of her eyes to test her sight.

The woman finally ‘won’ her case against ATOS – but not after a hard fight. You can read about it here in an article from the Manchester Evening News:

Blind woman ordered back to work wins benefits battle

What is it with this government and its obsession with paying out vast amounts of taxpayers’ money to bunches of cowboys to run public services?


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