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The word that strikes fear into the Tories

Over at Notes from a Broken Society, one blogger manages to involve the great PG Wodehouse in the “Plebs” scandal – kudos!!!

Notes from a Broken Society

Fans of P G Wodehouse – of whom I am one – will recall that Bertie Wooster gained the upper hand over the thuggish Spode, leader of the Black Shorts, by uttering the word “Eulalie” – the name of the up-market lingerie shop that Spode secretly ran in London, terrified that if word got out he and his macho followers would be held up to ridicule and contempt by the masses he despised.

You do not need a detailed knowledge of Wodehouse to see how the Coalition can easily resemble the Drones Club on one of its escapades.  The Drones Club, of course, frequently found themselves coming into conflict with the long arm of the law, as exemplified by the red-faced bicycle-borne local constable, and that tradition has been continued by Andrew Mitchell, accused of swearing at a Downing Street police officer and calling him a “pleb”, because the officer…

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