What would Clement do?

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Government by “Come Dine With Me”…

So, as Dave Lamb prepares for his almost inevitable Shadow Cabinet post, what can we say about Cameron and Maudes’ attempts to make the cash for access scandal simply go away?

Well, getting a Tory peer to “look into it” is certainly not the best way to defuse a scandal involving the Tory party. The attempt to focus on Labours’ Union links might just work, if it wasn’t that Union donations were so legal and above board. After all, I doubt that Tesco, Barclays, BAe Systems etc would ever ballot their workforce to ask just how much of their profits they would like to donate to the Tory party.

In the interests of fairness and equal opportunities, I am giving David and Sam Cameron a chance to make amends. Take me and Lady P out to Byron in Islington Thursday night and we will say no more about it…



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