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Film Fun???

Well, I don’t know about you, but “The Iron Lady” mania has left me decidedly liverish. Oh, its been fun to watch her former colleagues like Douglas Hurd line up to slam the oddly apolitical movie as some kind of betrayal, especially as he was one of the first to line up and stab her in the front back in 1990 – “disrespectful” indeed…

I suppose it might be the posters of La Streep in full Maggie-up staring out at me from every bus, sending me back to the 1980s, or the reported lack of fact ( for example, Micheal Foot gave a universally praised speech in favour of war with Argentina, one Tory Mp commenting that he had just “spoken for Britain”, yet he is portrayed a’la Sun Newspaper style as some kind of Junta stooge…)

Or could it be that, as I understand it, on opening night, Cinemas in London were pretty full, yet in at least one theatre in Manchester, only 70 people could be bothered to turn up – in an auditorium that normally holds 400.

I suppose this tells us something about her actual legacy.

Personally, I am much more excited by Ralph Fiennes’ “Coriolanus” – which by all accounts has a pretty progressive attitude to the plebeians – a touchstone for any interpretation…


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