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Strange Days Indeed…

It is a strange time for looking at the world. As we sit here in our comfortable western world, Libyan freedom fighters are dying by inches in public. A coalition of the unwilling – comprising “anti-imperialist” far leftists, reactionary Muslim clerics and Bismarckian conservatives across Europe are contending that to do nothing is the finest of all options.

I find myself in agreement with anyone who proposes a no-fly zone at the very least. I never thought I would end up agreeing with David Owen, and to a certain extent David Cameron.

Unlike Iraq, there is a clear mandate from the oppressed peoples of North Africa and the Middle East. In Bahrain today, the Saudi occupation gathers pace. In the U.N, those sterling advocates of tyranny China and Russia stymie any meaningful action through the Security Council. Again, the West and Western Values lose ground to the vigorous Capitalist Autocracy model of the East. If we do not act now, and with great conviction, we stand to lose all hopes of influence across the third world, and we condemn its peoples to the whims of any dictator that Bejing fancies.

Most peculiar mama…

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2 thoughts on “Strange Days Indeed…

  1. Clem the Gem on said:

    But Peter, non-intervention in this case is “interfering”. The economies of Italy, France and Great Britain have great interests in Libya, built up since 1945. It is in our interests that the southern Mediteranean is governed by democracy.
    Non-Intervention hardly served us well in Yugoslavia, or, if we go further back, in Algeria, and certainly not in Spain.
    And a no-fly zone would at the very least prevent the Colonel re-enacting Iraq in 1988.
    As I have stated, the loudest voices for non-intervention are a pretty awful bunch – China, Russia and Berlusconi. Thats Tyranny, “Guided” Democracy and the Mafia…

  2. Peter Reynolds on said:

    But should we be interfering?

    What business is it of ours if there’s a civil war in Libya?

    Aren’t we going to be damned if we do and damned if we don’t?

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