What would Clement do?

A Labour blog that witters on about Clement Attlee. Hurrah for The Major!


Our recent victory against the Wooden Lady in saving our forests saw one thing come to light –

Amongst the myriad of organisations that were willing to put pressure on La Spellman, not to mention Dame Judy Dench, one pressure group, supposedly dedicated to the preservation of rural life and long-cherished rights was absent. Step forward The Countryside Alliance.

Sara Lee, the Alliances head of policy, emailed campaigners to say that they weren’t “in a position to sign the letter opposing the sale” – placing them somewhere to the right of  The Lady magazine, not actually normally seen as an Anarchist publication.

In fact, the Alliance said “in principle there could be huge potential benefits of managing woodland privately.”

Just so long as “existing rights of access/recreation, including sporting  rights” are “balanced against “significant revenue potential through the sell-off”.

So now we know, the Alliance, that made so much of being about “simple country folk”, not just big landowners and obsessives on horseback, is just about big landowners and obsessives on horseback.

What of Kate “tally” Hoey? The august head of this body? Was this really her life’s ambition? How sad.

Tally Ho, and toodle-pip!!


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