What would Clement do?

A Labour blog that witters on about Clement Attlee. Hurrah for The Major!

Just so you know…

To all those out there in the Blogosphere who may be upset or offended by what I post, GOOD.

It is your fundamental right to be offended! Enjoy it! Use the heat generated by your ire to make a cup of tea, then sit down and reflect upon the term “Free Speech”.

I witness what looks like a concerted smear campaign by pro Boris Johnson bloggers a post on it. They are offended (ooh!). ” Nobody tells us what to do!” They cry, “we always check our sources and provide links – as Boris sets us very high standards”.

Err, so you are completely independent, yet Boris tells you how to run your blogs??? Did I get that right??? Shome mishtake, shurely…

For those with no life whatsoever, I recommend you click on the link to Labour Uncut to witness the whole sorry affair, veiled threats and all…

Is this the internets’ first case of “Cyberboris Bullying”???

Oh, and Boris smells. No offence eh?


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