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The Red-Hot World of London Labour…

So, last night I finally made a meeting of Hackney South Labour Party. In true Labour style, the Hall was locked! Oops! And we definitely had paid, so what to do with twenty-odd freezing Socialists, apparently picketing The Salvation Army???

Motion: Pub!!! – Carried…

The delightful London Fields, with Doom Bar on tap made for a great venue to meet other members – old and new, and our local MP, Meg Hillier – who turned out to be approachable and not at all fazed by my buttonholing her over AV (apologies Meg, I couldn’t help it).

Within the Parliamentary Party, Meg has responsibility for the far south west, so my Cornwall RFU shirt was immediately seized upon.

All the members I chatted to were welcoming, and wide ranging chats on many subjects were had. All in all a good introduction, and I look forward to a ward meeting soon, and increased activity.

A big thank you to all who made me feel so welcome, and to Daniel in particular, for organising last night


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