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An Open Letter To Honest Opponents.

In the past few months I have met many Conservative and Liberal Democrat supporters in the blogosphere, and in the main, I have found them to be courteous and respectful of other opinons. Obviously I avoid blowhards like the plague, and with Lady P at my side I know better than to simply be rude for the hell of it (however much fun it would be).

I have also noticed that supporters and members of both parties are disgruntled to say the least with certain aspects of the Coalitions policies. In politics, it never does to attribute uniform beliefs to your enemies. In this spirit I ask my Liberal Democrat colleagues in the Yes To Fairer Votes Campaign, and Conservatives of a truly One Nation frame of mind to read on and ponder…

Is it honestly true to your principles to restrict the British people’s access to their land? To sell off ancient forests held in common, for the benefit of all?

Is it wise to fillet our Defences, as this administration is doing?

Is it just to erode the living standards of agricultural workers by abolishing their independent wages council?

Is it wise to allow one multinational company unheard of control over the media?

What patriotic Government allows such levels of tax evasion by the wealthy and large British corporations?

Is it good Conservatism, or Liberalism to erode our access to, and connection with Parliament, by destroying long cherished geographical boundaries and regional loyalties?

Is it fair play to instigate campaigning by smear and inference, as in the London Mayoral campaign?

Do you really believe that the upheaval this Government is instigating is in the true benefit of the NHS?

Does it really make sense to further atomise our national Education system, potentially excluding the talented poor for a generation?

Is it not simply politically motivated spite to add further needless anti-Trades Union legislation to the toughest Trades Union laws in Europe? Is this not something Disraeli would have baulked at?

How wise and patriotic can it be to seriously harm Britain’s universally respected voice to the World – The BBC World Service? Is it responsible? Is it truly what you want?

Are you entirely comfortable with a Government that is enacting legislation that was in neither of your parties’ manifestos, nor written into The Coalition Agreement?

I realise that we will not agree on everything, that is the nature of politics. But I also see that many of you oppose some, if not all of the measures listed above. I hope that we can all work together to help ameliorate the flood of ill-written, ill thought out legislation we see coming out of westminster and Whitehall.

For our nations’ sake I know that we will be able to work together at times…


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3 thoughts on “An Open Letter To Honest Opponents.

  1. Given the fact that the Conservative party only received 32.4% of the vote in last year’s General Election I find it breath-takingly arrogant that they feel able to sell of ancient forests that belong to all of the people of the UK.

    No political party who are the current stewarts of government have the right to do this is the name of the deficit. My own local Conservative MP basically told me “it didn’t matter who owns the forests”. This elitist point of view made me think I had been transported back to feudal times.

  2. Peter Reynolds on said:

    I don’t agree with you about constituency boundary changes or Trade Union legislation. We would have to talk in more depth about education but everything else I agree with.

    The astounding “Dirty Tricks” story continues:


  3. An interesting post. I have to say as an academic (and wishy washy liberal) the things that really bother me at the moment are:

    The changes to the NHS
    The cutting back of the BBC World Service
    The selling off of the forestry commission
    The upcoming BSkyB decision (although that looks in doubt thanks to the recent revelations)

    While I suspect that Conservative voters can live with most of these decisions I’d be very surprised if the Liberal grassroots don’t kick against it. If that happens then Clegg might not have very much of a party left in 5 years time.

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