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Sky Sports, Gray and Keys – An Apology

In an earlier post, I intimated that shaved monkeys could do the same job as Andy Gray and Richard Keys just as well.

I know recognise that this is unfair to monkeys. Let me make it clear that I do not, nor have I ever condoned the shaving of monkeys.

May I also say in passing that monkeys are often, along with the great apes, a good deal better behaved than Sky Sports Presenters.

Although the last World Cup proved that an Octopus would be cheaper.

When it comes to Sky News however, I can think of no-one better than the dullards they employ now.


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One thought on “Sky Sports, Gray and Keys – An Apology

  1. Sorry for liking my own post, but Lady P read it whilst i was still logged on – i am not quite that egocentric, honest…

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