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Coalition Seeks To Sell-Off Our Forests

In a move that Lib Dem Danny Alexander opposed in Scotland, he and his new best mates are seeking to sell-off our English Forests.

That is 50% of all the publicly accessible forests in England. They favour wholesale privatisation.

This would be the largest theft of public land since Enclosure. The Woodland Trust, National Trust, The Ramblers Association and a host of other public bodies oppose this transfer of land kept in trust for future generations into the hands of, in general, multi national logging companies.

Land that is legally accessible would quite probably be obstructed at best. At worst, we would be blocked from exercising our long fought for rights.

This Land Is Your Land, This Land Is our Land. It Is Not Caroline Spelmans Land.

Lobby your MP, Lobby the Environment Agency, this Law of Theft must be stopped.

It used to be that old fashioned Conservatives believed in the common heritage of all, especially in rural areas.

In case some of you out there have not twigged yet, Cameron and his gang hold Country dwellers, and those who enjoy our natural heritage in utter contempt. Having sold the family silver in the 1980s, they are selling the furniture now – at fire-sale prices, to big business.

Not an Acre! Not a tree!

Take up the spirit of Gerrard Winstanley – “No man hath any right to sell the earth for private gain.”


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