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Boris,Bloggers and Dirty Tricks…

Addendum – Let me please make this perfectly clear – I should not have written the following –

“Clem has found out that Mayor Boris Johnson has been instructing his loyal band of bloggers and tweeters, when they can prise themselves away from “Top Gear” reruns on Dave, to engage in dirty tricks against Ken Livingstone…”

What I should have written, if hyperbole had not got the better of me, was ” Clem has found disturbing reports that followers of Boris Johnson have been involved in an organised campaign of guilt by association as regards his Labour opponent, Ken Livingstone.”

Apologies to anyone who was upset or mislead at this point – I still stand by thwe spirit of what I wrote below, and its condemnation of sectarian politics – a trend that neither candidate is doing anything meaningful to lessen…

My second favourite Tory, Peter Reynolds has posted that Boris, through his agents, has been instructing his “sheeple” (his word) to bleat, blog and tweet about Kens employment by the Iranian State run TV channel Press TV. Special instructions have been given to use phrases such as “holocaust denier”, in an attempt, presumably to shore up Boris’ support in Londons Jewish community. Once again, bluff hearty Boris camp engages in dirty tricks, whilst the rest of us who live in London full time suffer.

To read more on this, go to  http://peterreynolds.wordpress.com/

Let me make this clear, I think Ken made a serious mistake in working for Press TV, the mouthpiece of a repressive state which he would be better off opposing. However, Ken is no Holocaust Denier, and has been involved in anti-racist and anti-fascist campaigns throughout his career.

However this seems to be an alarming trend in London politics – Ken courts the “Islamic vote”, whilst Boris courts the “Jewish vote” – the US-style politics of special interests and “community Leaders” over what the electorate really need, or indeed want.

A Labour politician, especially a veteran such as Ken, should realise that this only leads to ignoring the real needs of his electorate, in favour of Tammany hall stitch ups. it also leads to heightened racial and religious divisions on the ground, and helps legitimise the extremist idiots on all sides.

Both of you – STOP IT NOW!


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2 thoughts on “Boris,Bloggers and Dirty Tricks…

  1. Peter Reynolds on said:

    A healthy alliance here between you and I, democrats both, even if that’s where the similarity ends!

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