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The REAL Sky Sports Scandal…

…would be Andy Gray being paid nearly TWO MILLION F**??@*G POUNDS A YEAR!!!!!

Seriously, the guy is hardly useful is he? And shaved monkeys could present sports coverage (Rugby excepted). The ideal punishment would be to make Rupert keep him on, and pay everyone this salary – that would bugger up his BSkyB bid…

Now, lets see HIS tax return, please…

From personal experience in the Hotel trade, I can say that those who work for the media in general, and News International in particular, at whatever level, can be arrogant, parsimonious and overbearing – with a “Do you know who I work for?” attitude. The only response would be “yes, and I now have your business card and the address of Private Eye”.

Watching these sad old men on video it becomes apparent that they are stuck somewhere around 1979 when it comes to social attitudes, and I am sure that there is worse out there. Gray, Keys and their producer have had a free run for years, with nobody at Sky daring to say no or moderate their behaviour. I seriously doubt their marriages are happy, or that they have any daughters between them.

Such childishness is normally something that we men grow out of – evidently not if you are a Sports obsessed wingnut.



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One thought on “The REAL Sky Sports Scandal…

  1. Peter Reynolds on said:

    Well I do agree with you about the neanderthal jerk-off, about rugby and I’m mightily impressed with the re-launch of Ed Balls. I find myself defending Tony Blair all the time and, of course, Clement’s value goes without saying. I could still never, ever vote for a socialist though. It’s a fundamental mistake.

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