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A Labour blog that witters on about Clement Attlee. Hurrah for The Major!

Economy Shrinks – Gideon “Disappointed”

A man doing Chancellor impressions today unveiled that the British economy shrunk by 0.5% in the last three months today.

“I blame the weather” Whined Gideon Osborne, “but on the bright side, as you lot have less money, we in the cabinet are even richer, me especially, as I don’t pay my taxes…”

Having seen the economy slowly growing throughout 2010, the last three months saw a reversal of the trend, as Coalition policies began to bite…

Both Treasury Mandarins and Nick Robinson were declared”Surprised”, as they went to Oxford with George Osborne, and thought he was a good chap.

Danny alexander was unavailable for comment, as he has homework to do.

The outgoing Chairman of the CBI yesterday confused the Chancellor with Jeremy Hunt, as do we all…


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