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A Tragedy in Moscow… Who Is To Blame?

Surely everyone who experienced 7/7 in London will have sympathy for anyone affected by yesterdays terrorist attack at Moscow Domodevo Airport. Our hearts go out to the relatives of loved ones lost or wounded, yet there are serious questions that we should be mindful of…

As the investigation unfolds, can we really trust the FSB (internal security force – inheritor of the KGB mantle) to report the truth?

If this does turn out to be an Islamist attack, which is a strong possibility, will the dirty secrets of Moscows dirty wars in The Caucasus region (Chechnya, Dagestan, South Ossetia, Georgia…) be exposed? Either in the West, or in Russia?

Given the alarming frequency with which critics of the FSB die, either by assassination or poisoning, what faith should ordinary Russians put in their security forces?

Given the Imperialist atrocities carried out over two hundred years in the Caucasian region by Tsarist, Soviet and post-Soviet Russian Governments, will Moscow confront its bloody past?

Someone walked into a major international Air Terminal yesterday with murder, possibly martyrdom in mind. So far, at least 35 innocent people have died, and at least 170 are injured.

Friends of Russian Democracy know all too well that atrocities like this normally lead to further crackdowns on all opposition, not just the terrorists. The Russian state has yet to find a permanent solution to the rebellions against its rule in the oil-rich south, and has staked its reputation on quelling these by force. Is it time to re-evaluate this unbending position? How long can Russia play this zero-sum game? Are they not simply creating more problems which will be visited upon future generations?

The wild accusations that past attacks were fabricated by the FSB are at best unlikely, but, given the organisations heritage and practices, not completely unbeleivable. A Chekist is a Chekist, whatever political line they hold, and once in, you are in for life…


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