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Coulson. HaHaHa.

The spectacularly talented Andy Coulson, possibly the most talented Press Officer ever, managed last Friday to fudge his own political suicide. What with Blair at  Chilcott and Alan Johnsons resignation, it was a good day to bury bad news.

Unless you are a scandal-plagued ex-Murdoch editor with a defence strategy best summed-up as “I didn’t do it, or if I did, I forgot. Anyway Rupert will forgive me.”

Coulson has so far evaded any legal brouhaha caused by the revelations of the use of illegal bugging devices by News International, especially the ahem, “Newspaper” he edited, The News of The World. So far, News International has “let go” a number of executives and employees in the wake of this scandal, including NOTW staff and a top legal incompetent, according to Private Eye.

There are several issues at stake here, and they have a much wider impact than The Dirty Diggers grubby empire…

Firstly, our libel laws actively help the media focus on celebrity gossip rather than real news – powerful figures and organisations now use the UK libel laws as a way of gagging the media across the world.

The Metropolitan Police seem to have developed an unhealthy, and almost symbiotic relationship  with the mainstream press in general, and News International in particular.

Ham-Face Cameron is truly “the heir to Blair” when it comes to his courting of News International, and is not a very good judge when it comes to selecting staff.

In relation to news gathering, celebrity and political gossip is king – once the tabloids have you in their sights, you have nowhere to hide.

Jeremy “Mr C’ Hunt has a close relationship with News International, and is seeking top further this relationship, at the expense of the BBC.


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One thought on “Coulson. HaHaHa.

  1. Peter Reynolds on said:

    Even as a Tory and a journalist, I am increasingly disturbed by the oligarchy of media and politicans that controls the news agenda in an entirely self-serving way.

    Good riddance to Coulson. Journalists with a scandal sheet background have no place in government comnmunications.


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