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Ahem… (Ed, Alan, Ed…)

In a previous post (http://clemthegem.wordpress/On-snobbery-and-shadow-cabinets), I defended Eds choice of Alan Johnson as Shadow Chancellor, and attacked the snobbish battalions of  media comentators.

Alan sadly underperformed in his front bench role, but now we have a very good reason why. I really do not want to dwell on what is a personal issue, especially as Johnson has never exhibited the common attribute of British politicians – double standards in personal life. I believe that Alan Johnson stands up as an example of a working class guy made good, through his own talents and good judgement. Those of us who support a Yes vote in the AV Referendum will miss his frontbench support. I wish him and his family well.

So… Balls got the job he wanted all along, hmm…

Well, in one sense, this has worked out very well for both Eds – Miliband gets a competent economist at the helm, who is also a formidable debater in The Commons. Balls gets the job he coveted, in a fashion that makes it hard for Coalition supporters to say it was a stitch-up. After all, who could have predicted this turn of events?

The timing is also good for Labour – as Coalition cuts have started to bite, and are proving ever more unpopular. The debate has moved on from the last Governments’ policies towards what is happening now. I look forward to watching Ed B pummeling Gideon, 14th Earl of Whypaytaxes…

And yet, I really do hope we haven’t heard the last Alan Johnson, a man who lived in the real world before he became a politician.


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One thought on “Ahem… (Ed, Alan, Ed…)

  1. I hope Alan Johnson does makes a comeback at some point. I can see him doing a good job at the Home Office, Health or even as Foreign Secretary. However in retrospect he was clearly the wrong choice for Shadow Chancellor. While at the time he made perfect sense (safe pair of hands, re-engaging with the left, not a challenger to Ed) I think the Labour party really needed someone who could get attack Osborne right from start and to pick apart some of his policies.

    Every time I saw Osborne give a statement in the House about some new initative I kept wondering why Johnson wasn’t being more aggressive in challenging his claims/statistics. I’ll be veyr interested to see what impact Ed Balls has.

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