What would Clement do?

A Labour blog that witters on about Clement Attlee. Hurrah for The Major!

Tunisia: People 1 – Tyrant 0

This fight is our fight, wherever we live, whatever colour we are, man and woman, young and old, all true lovers of freedom and justice will support the overthrow of a dictator by his long-oppressed people.

Its called Solidarity, in case you have forgotten.


The scandal of Tunisias’ ruling party having membership of the Socialist International has been highlighted by Karl Bildt, a Swedish politician. Expelling them is the least that should be done. The International needs to take firm steps in expelling member parties that do not conform to democratic norms. We are not The Commintern, and this is not the Cold War.

Lets cleanse the Socialist international whilst we have the chance, making it fit for purpose.


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