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Back to the future? Back to the Past?

Ham – Face Cameron set out his NHS “reforms” yesterday, talking in his best statesmanese, and employing all those tricks he learnt as a PR for Carlton TV…

…Little Nicky hid under a rock, and no doubt Simon Hughes shed a little (possibly sincere) tear for the death of the dream of a true radical Liberal aim – universal Healthcare ( copyright Wm. Beveridge).

As I understand it, these changes, that nobody voted for last May, will put control in the hands of your GP. Thus shifting the beaurocracy still further down the line. And of course, GPs have the time to do this, don’t they? Just ask them, oh, hang on, nobody did…

This seems to be a wilful return to the (pre 1947) days of “Dr Finlays Casebook” – a further extension of the postcode lottery in healthcare, and the atomisation of our National Health service. A cynic would say that this will make it easier for private companies to take over.

A cynic would be right.

“We will cut waste, not the NHS” Shrieked the Tory posters last May. “Rubbish” cried both Labour and the Lib Dems. We were both right then, yet the poor, place-seeking Lib Dems are now going to be voting for a change that will lead to the end of universal healthcare, free for all, payed by taxation. Hope they can pay the insurance…


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