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Well if Jemima Khan thinks he’s innocent…

Much rubbish talked and written about Julian Assange and Wikileaks in all media. Very little about rape…

Whilst not presuming Mr Assanges’ guilt or otherwise, the spectacle of various luminaries of the left clamouring “injustice” for a rich white male accused of rape, on the back of the publication of leaks embarrassing to the USA reminds me of the late unlamented Gerry Healy, and the rape and bullying he carried on in his Workers Revolutionary Party.

Remember people, just because we would wish a thing so, does not make it so. Have a care in what you say, and who you support, or you may end up on George Galloways’ Christmas card list.

Always remember that in ALL circumstances, No means No.


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2 thoughts on “Well if Jemima Khan thinks he’s innocent…

  1. Peter Reynolds on said:

    It’s not rape. It’s some obscure Scandinavian charge called “sex by surprsie”.


    • I still have my doubts Peter, mainly because of past occurrences, not just Gerry Healy, and whilst I love Ken Loaches’ films, I do not always agree with him. Likewise John Pilger.
      I do not think Wikileaks acted wisely, but no matter – free speech should be sacrosanct.
      I also do not believe that anyone on the left with a criticism of Fidel Castro is in the pay of the CIA. If they were, I would be much better off!

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