What would Clement do?

A Labour blog that witters on about Clement Attlee. Hurrah for The Major!

Oh my Gawd…

FIFA didn’t award the 2018 World Cup to the UK. Boo-hoo. What a tragedy.

Huge numbers of bloggers are really upset at this, crying foul play and cursing Johnny Foreigner, damn his eyes.

So, FIFA, and multinational organisation, well known for its corruption and worship of money over all else has chosen Russia, not us. Why not breathe a sigh of relief?

We are supposed to be outraged on behalf of a bunch of Property speculators, sweatshop owners and greedy, already rich men. Oh and the FA – another large organisation well known for its (ahem) high moral standards and openness.

Given that Soccer is in every respect inferior to Rugby – both Union and League, why did anyone care?

Could our politicians stop running around like twelve year olds every time some money-driven fool starts blathering (or, indeed Blattering) on about what a “unique” chance each of these costly, corrupt sports events is. Could Boris johnson try to at least remember what role Bread and Circuses played in ancient Rome?

Completely underwhelmed by the whole affair…


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