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Rumours of War…

As I write, men in Pyongyang, Seoul and Washington will decide exactly how close to breaking the Korean ceasefire they are willing to go.

The North, ruled by a despot, is rattling its sabre, and talking big threats. The USA is standing firmly by the side of its Southern ally.

Time for us to remember the last Korean War (you know, the one Micheal Caine fought in), no doubt the usual “peace at all costs” brigade will start mumbling about “Imperialism” from the west, whilst ignoring North Korean oppression and its backing by China – the one land that will reliably back dictators worldwide…

Lets hope we can find a way to defuse the situation without bloodshed, but democrats everywhere must stand by our brothers and sisters in the south whatever happens…


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3 thoughts on “Rumours of War…

  1. Peter Reynolds on said:

    I didn’t mean to trivialise the dangerous situation in Korea. I was just surprised at a namby-pampy socialist taking such an admirably firm line!

    Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, they’re talking about the truly important issues of our time.


  2. Not so funny when hot metal starts to fly around Peter, and just remember, Labour helped found NATO – your lot were out on their ear at the time.

  3. Peter Reynolds on said:

    Shurely thish ish shome short of Tory?

    (hic, hiccup, fart)

    Pash the bottle old boy, to the left, what!

    (hic, hic)

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