What would Clement do?

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How the other half die…

What kills more people in the Third World today? War? TB? Famine? Torture? Sweatshop conditions?HIV/AIDS?

Nope, its the shits.

Typhus, Cholera, E.Coli and other water-bourne ailments regularly kill more people (mainly the very young and the old) than anything else. According to the United Nations,every week 42,000 die due to dirty water and a lack of sanitation, 90% of these deaths will be children under five. I think we can all agree that this is a crime, as the basics of sanitation are not only common knowledge, but relatively cheap to implement. Simple sewerage, no less than clean drinking water, is what many millions across the planet lack – obscene when you see just how much is spent every day on bottled water in the West these days.

I suppose that we really should see stars campaigning on this issue more often, but then again, its hard to imagine Bono or Katy Perry opening a sewer – not much of a photo opportunity for Gwyneth Paltrow I suppose….

We all had a good laugh at the Commonwealth Games, and the prospect of a bunch of runners getting the runs, but if you are an Indian child, the runs could well be the death of you.

I urge you all to get informed, and get in touch with WaterAid at http://wateraid.org/uk

We should be digging toilets, not graves.


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