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My Girlfriend is… a Tory…

Yup, I have to come clean comrades, the wonderful, beautiful, intelligent woman that I share my life with is a one nation Tory, and not a very political one at that.Who went to Public School. And Cambridge. And her mother lives in Surrey.

What she sees in an undereducated state school oik like me is an utter mystery, but I am honoured and proud that she chose me to spend time with.

Despite various filthy suggestions from my (better educated) mates over the last ten months, I have yet to “give her one for the Miners”, or to try to convert this caring, feisty soul. Our backgrounds are very different, yet we both see the good in each other, and her patience is a tribute to her upbringing. Especially when I try to get her to listen to Billy Bragg, or watch Ken Loach films. We are of the same generation, yet we have so little shared experience of the defining period we grew up in – the Eighties. She never cried as the Miners were defeated and marched back, broken but unbowed. No CND badges for her, no shudder of fear in 1987 as a father quietly explained just how scared he was at what Thatcher would do to our nation. No demoralising anguish as John Major won in 1992 .

And yet, I am constantly reminded of just how much we share. How much this country really means to both of us, its countryside, its traditions, its people. I am constantly reminded of just how little of that very British vice, snobbery she has. That beneath all of the political differences, at the root, we both love Britain, and want to see a fairer world, we just differ as to how this can be achieved.

The delightful Lady P has stood by me during these past three months of unemployment, and has demonstrated faith and love when surely wiser counsels would tell he to cut her losses and go.

So heres to you  Lady P, blogging widow and independent woman, lets hope we make it through this, and are you really sure I can’t tempt you to the Red corner? xxx


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5 thoughts on “My Girlfriend is… a Tory…

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  2. BTW, you’re not that much older, I reckon about 3 years…
    Don’t fancy seeing Thatchers face again, except in an obit. seen her in real life, and she really does look scary. And Denis smelled of gin.

  3. Why does a nice Labour bloke like you get mixed up with the likes of her?! (Oh, I get it: it’s aspirational. Bit like black professional men dating only white women then isn’t it: leaving their race sisters out in the cold. Look on the blogosphere andsites like Racialicious if you wonder what I’m talking about..)..

    Still: I s’pose I’m a little bit old for you: not very though. How old were you when you were hiding under the bedclothes from the Thatcher demon in 1987? (Incidentally: wouldn’t her image be a great costume at a progressive Halloween shindig: both this year &when she finally kicks it?!)

    I voted Labour in my first election in 1987. I was (barely) 19.

    I suppose you must be a bit like Wallace (of W&G fame – there, that’s your costume!) besotted with a Lady Tottington!

    • A bit rude there Liz, no W&G thing going on here, just in love with someone who disagrees with my politics. Maybe you should try it, at least its not boring…

    • PeggyGosh on said:

      Well, we posh gels must have a hobby you know Liz!

      Joking aside – I thought it was we Tories who were supposed to be narrow minded and judgemental? Apparently not. It’s also rather offensive to this (extremely) ‘nice Labour bloke’ to imply that his going out with me is in any way ‘aspirational’. Our politics differ, but neither one of us is ‘better’ than the other as your post implies. I’m so glad that he has the intelligence and grace to see beyond political beliefs to who people really are – it’s one of the reasons I love him.

      And, to my lovely Labour bloke, thanks for your words on here, I’m deeply touched and thought I’d put that in print, as well as just telling you. x

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