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Eds’ first time…

Well, despite it being the adored Margarets’ birthday, Prime Ministers’ Questions gave the boys and girls in blue little to cheer about.

Having heard the dire warnings over the months that Ham-Face would chew Ed Miliband up and spit him out, the result was a qualified one-nil to Ed, giving the boy David something to think about.

I say “qualified”, as Ed still has much to work on in terms of performance style and speech, and things will be different once we face public sector strikes. However, against the polish of David Cameron, Ed looked to be not uncomfortable, and on top of his brief. His one-liner about being the on to ask the questions was good, his defence of universal benefits coherent and attractive. Ed made good use of his questions, and his level tone compared well with Camerons’ more bombastic style. In fact, it almost seemed that it was Bullers Dave who was leading the opposition, and Ed the Government. Little Nicky seemed ill at ease as the exchange went on, perhaps agreeing with Ed over the exchange, maybe ruing his decision in May…

Cameron on the other hand, seemed a little flustered – perhaps the former PR man had been listening to too many of his advisors, or maybe not enough. Our young, thrusting, all-inclusive PM simply had no coherent answer to Miliband when Child Benefit was raised, odd, considering that this particular blow had been trailed for at least a week around the media. Gideon Osborne looked palid and uncomfortable, a feeling no doubt shared along the Treasury Benches. Esther Mcveigh made her move for the coveted Order of the Brown Nose, as did several other non-entities.

Judging by the press reaction, and the posts left so far on ConservativeHome, Ed has them rattled, keep it up man, especially the air of calm efficiency – it really gets to Cameron.

Altogether a good start, Ed needs to develop a more fluid style, but if he can continue to project the image of a man in command of the facts, then the Nick and Dave show could face losing the ratings war…

…oh, all right then…



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3 thoughts on “Eds’ first time…

  1. Why so rabid??? But take your point that its early days. Its also early days for the Coalition…

  2. Peter Reynolds on said:

    A “qualified one-nil”? A strange turn of phrase. Why not just call it a draw? As a rabid Tory, I’d be ready to concede that. The boy done good – for his first time.

    The patronising smirks from Harriet and Alan were sickening though. I’m with Ed all the way. A new broom is what’s needed. Get shot of those washed up, corrupt, tired old bores from yesteryear. They’re only going to drag you down.

    Yes, many an entertaining PMQs to come. In about three years from now we can start thinking about whether Labour has even a cat’s chance in hell of getting back in.

    Until then? Cruising all the way into a deep blue future.

  3. ‘Little Nicky’ – perfect.

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