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Its Official – Hackney Jobcentre Plus are a lazy bunch of…

I have been unemployed since the first of August. Having lost my proof of i.d. in a move, I have now been waiting for over six weeks for my jobseekers allowance. Had it not been for the kindness of my family and friends, I would have been homeless and starved.

Having received a copy of my birth certificate in the post today, I have been on hold for a total  of two hours to arrange an appointment to get this sorted out. STILL WAITING.

I am now changing my mind on the Coalition; when IDS announces his preferred option of a 25% cut in staff at the DWP, I am all for it. And if I hear vivaldi again, I will scream. Unison can kiss my a**e, and I hope you all wait as long asI have. I will go to this “interview”, be asked if I have done anything to find work, and if I can prove it (loads, yes.) Then “they” will decide whether or not I deserve to be paid what is, in effect monies owed. I have paid N.I and Income Tax every month since 1993.

What a bunch of lazy, jobsworth g*ts,  for all the talk of improvements, I feel as bad as I did the last time, in 1992. Funny that, unemployed both times under the Tories…


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2 thoughts on “Its Official – Hackney Jobcentre Plus are a lazy bunch of…

  1. Hmm, I seem to have encapsulated the argument for the Unions to prepare public opinion before any public sector strikes, don’t you think?

  2. Normally when I’m stuck on the phone they play Greensleaves or Canon and Gigue nonstop till my brain starts turning to mush. I’ve got to make a phone call to Eon this afternoon but have been putting it off all day because I’ve developed an almost Pavlovian reaction against classical muzac.

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