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Lord Ashcroft and Panorama

Could anyone tell me why the BBC has cancelled a scheduled Panorama programme investigating Lord Ashcroft, the Tory benefactor and virtual owner of Belize?

I smell a rat… a great big libel lawyer rat…

And why replace the scheduled programme with the specific one they did? During Labour Conference?

In case you were wondering, this is the same expose’ that Milords’ lawyers stopped in its tracks back in March. Ham-face Dave must be relieved, after all the Coulson shenanigans.  It seems that no-one would like the voters to find out exactly what the unelected non-Dom peer gets up to in his business dealings. Wonder what Vince Cable feels about this – hardly complete disclosure is it?

Our terrible libel laws have made us the laughing stock of the free world, and now have replaced our notorious state secrecy rules as a means to stop you finding out what really happens in the corridors of power.

Answers please…


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