What would Clement do?

A Labour blog that witters on about Clement Attlee. Hurrah for The Major!

“A period of silence from you would be most welcome.”

So said the great Major Attlee in response to Harold Laski, and I have to say, after reading Harriet Harmans’ words in the New Statesman (www.newstatesman.com) this morning, it seems like good advice  to all those who are busy hawking books around,  responding or commenting on them.

The seemingly endless reams of gossip, innuendo and self justification that have deluged the public over the last few months have served no positive purpose, and like most political autobiographies, are of limited historical value. Hysterical value is in abundance. Where is Leo Abse when you need him?

None of the major players in the New Labour drama have much to say outside of their little set, save for walk-on parts for the general public and various moguls, charlatans, villains and comic figures.

This constant re-fighting of battles lost and won brings little to the debate inside our Party, and the wider Social Democratic world, save vanity. So please, Gordon, don’t add to this pile of nonsense – write another biography instead, like the one you wrote on Jimmy Maxton, I think Manny Shinwell is due one right now…


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